Doctoral research on Human-Robot-Interaction from a linguistic perspective. The thesis provides an overview of HRI and HCI (Human Computer Interaction). It’s empirical part describes firstly experiments of HRI where humans had to interact with Robots in order to accomplish a task. For the interaction, different levels of standardised language were used. Objective was to see which level of linguistic/dialogic sophistication humans need in order to successfully communication with robots. Other empirical work dealt with the statistical analysis of chat bots’ dialogues (Loebner Contest) in order to provide some results/insights into language usage etc. The main objective was to provide some insights/input into the design of chat bots from a linguistic perspective in order to make chat bots appear more sociable, trustworthy, etc.

Doctor philosophiae at Kassel University, Germany, in English linguistics and computational philology.

Thesis title: Human-Robot Interaction: A Linguistic Perspective. Published in German