The overarching objective of the project is to develop an interdisciplinary methodological and theoretical approach to online communication in the field of media and communication studies that aims to provide applicable solutions for current and future demands in digital media and communication analysis. OnCoA will therefore comprise:
a set of tools for online communication content analysis based on a new interdisciplinary methodological and theoretical approach,
that is demonstrated and praxis-tested by means of an online news media content analysis,
and applied to a knowledge transfer environment for online communication research.

ONCOA focuses on methods and underlying theories/paradigms regarding the analysis of multimodal, networked online communication where text, audio, pictures and video represent different albeit joined linguistic modes that build coherent content.

The innovative nature of the project lies in its interdisciplinarity, aiming at an integration of both social sciences-driven and media informatics-driven approaches in online communication research.

A major field where multimodal, networked online communication can be found is internet-based news media. Historically, mainstream news sources have provided the vast majority of available news content online. However, this model of news is in flux as new online technologies such as blogs, RSS feeds, mobile news, and social media like Twitter and video portals facilitate the instant dissemination of information from a variety of sources. Hence, the current form of online news depicts networks of multimodal information dissemination, where for example the news on a specific topic are instilled by and situated in a web of different news sources. This advanced model of online news therefore calls for refined modes of content analysis that integrate the necessary methodologies to analyse news content from different online environments in different communication modes (e.g. text, micro-text, video, picture).

Project output

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