hB and kB Final

hitchBOT is an outgoing and charismatic robot that will be hitchhiking across Canada starting July 2014. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and user interface (UI) design, including speech recognition, speech processing, and social media and Wikipedia APIs, hitchBOT will charm its way through rides across Canada.
hitchBOT is a collaborative art project conceived in 2013 by Dr. David Harris Smith of McMaster University and Dr. Frauke Zeller of Ryerson University, with its primary affiliation being McMaster University.

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hitchBOT already received a lot of attention from the media:

RobotNews | ヒッチハイクで大陸横断に挑むロボット?
Motherboard | Der Roboter hitchBOT fährt diesen Sommer per Anhalter durch Kanada
The Atlantic | Meet the Cute, Wellies-Wearing, Wikipedia-Reading Robot That’s Going to Hitchhike Across Canada
The Globe and Mail | In our love affair with machines, will they break our hearts?
The Atlantic | Two Robots, Both Alike in Dignity

my kulturBOT 1.0 is a robotic art show reviewer that attends exhibitions and tweets text-captioned photos of the artworks and venue.

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