Online Communities

Habilitation thesis research. The thesis deals with online communities, more specifically scientific organizations that interact mainly online. It provides a methodological approach to analyse the development of a joint language in organizations/communities. The approach is based on a mixed-methods design which integrates quantitative and qualitative instruments as well as  tools and approaches both from linguistics and…

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Dr. Frauke Zeller and Dr. David Harris Smith (McMaster University) were invited to be part of a team developing “Spaceball”, a spherical social robot for the International Space Station.  Spaceball was conceptualized as interacting socially with the astronauts, monitoring the environment, and performing simple routines on command in space.  Teams of Ryerson and McMaster graduate and undergraduate students worked on…

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Virtual Hamilton

This project is an attempt to bridge a gap in current research on how Web 2.0 technologies, and especially, virtual worlds, may be effectively utilized to facilitate stakeholder communication and achieve fuller civic participation in planning communities.

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my kulturBOT and hitchBOT

hitchBOT is an outgoing and charismatic robot that will be hitchhiking across Canada starting July 2014. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and user interface (UI) design, including speech recognition, speech processing, and social media and Wikipedia APIs, hitchBOT will charm its way through rides across Canada. hitchBOT is a collaborative art project conceived in 2013 by…

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Audience Research

Cost Action IS0906 Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies The COST Action “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies” ran from 2010 to 2013 and coordinated research efforts into the key transformations of European audiences within a changing media and communication environment, identifying their complex interrelationships with the social, cultural and political areas of European societies. The Action included four…

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Robots and Language

Doctoral research on Human-Robot-Interaction from a linguistic perspective. The thesis provides an overview of HRI and HCI (Human Computer Interaction). It’s empirical part describes firstly experiments of HRI where humans had to interact with Robots in order to accomplish a task. For the interaction, different levels of standardised language were used. Objective was to see…

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Digital Ecosystems

Network of Excellence (noE), funded by the European Commission in the 6th Framework Programme: Open Philosophies for Associative Autopoietic Digital Ecosystems (OPAALS) The project ran from 2006 to 2010, and was based on an interdisciplinary framework of different objects, including a wide range of disciplines, i.e.  social sciences, natural sciences, and computer science. It focused…

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Marie Curie Fellowship Project: Online Communication Analysis (OnCoA)

The overarching objective of the project is to develop an interdisciplinary methodological and theoretical approach to online communication in the field of media and communication studies that aims to provide applicable solutions for current and future demands in digital media and communication analysis. OnCoA will therefore comprise: a set of tools for online communication content…

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