Big Data in Social Sciences

I have been working on several publications regarding Big Data in social sciences and audience studies. I have also been doing research in terms of designing method mix designs that use both quantitative and qualitative tools for Big Data analysis.

Forthcoming publications:

Zeller, F. (forthcoming 2014). Big Data in Audience Research. In Frauke Zeller, Cristina Ponte, Brian O’Neill (eds.), Revitalising audience research: Innovations in European audience research. ECREA book series, Routledge.

Zeller, F. (in Press). Big Data in Online Research (Online-Forschung und Big Data). In Bernard Batinic, Nikolaus Jackob, Jan Schmidt, Monika Taddicken, Martin Welker (eds.), Handbuch Online-Forschung (Handbook Online Research). Herbert von Halem Verlag, to appear 2014.

Presentations and invited talks related to Big Data analysis and method design:

Zeller, F. (2014). Multimodal communication: Crossing methodological borders. Paper to be presented at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Canadian Society for Digital Humanities, Brock University, May 26-28.

Zeller, F. (2013). A computer-based approach to quantitative and qualitative multimodal discourse analyses in social media. Presentation at the Infoscapelab Colloquium “Compromised Data? New Paradigms in Social Media Theory and Methods. October 28-29, Toronto, Canada.

Zeller, F. (2013). Mixed-Methods Approaches to Analysing Text and Pictures AND Text Analysis and User Perspectives, invited talk at the Immigration Politics, Text Analysis and Public Opinion Workshop, led by COMPAS of Oxford University, UK, 8-9 November.

Zeller, F. (2013). Multimodal Communication Analysis & Big Data, invited talk at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Department of Media and Communications, May 1.


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